The Drift Boat Detective©



 Murder on the Madison

Russell Baker is a happy man with a job he loves and a beautiful wife, Sarah. They have a nice home and enjoy fly fishing together. But, when they learn that Sarah is seriously ill and that she is in a fight for her life that she does not win, his world comes to an end.
Russell travels to Bozeman, Montana. There he becomes a fishing guide on the Madison River. He discovers a murder victim on the river and is pulled back into police work. He encounters drug dealers, crooked cops, and murderers. He meets the older Miriam and the beautiful Nancy.
He finds the murderer……..
and he finds himself.

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SubSURFACE: UNSEEN QUARRY © now available!!!

Another Drift Boat Detective Mystery!



When Sheriff Barry Steinbrenner is shot and left beside a county road the night before Thanksgiving, Russell Baker is once again asked to put on a badge and a gun and help in finding those responsible. With the help of Deputy Wayne Dunkin and his unusual new friend, Debra Taylor, they track down the dangerous international criminals hiding just below the surface in Madison County, Montana. The results are deadly.

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10 thoughts on “The Drift Boat Detective©”

  1. I loved your book. My wife, who does not usually like this genre started reading it and could not put it down! Congrats

  2. I am so happy to see how the book turned out. I enjoyed reading the original draft but the final book is even better.

  3. One of the best books of this type I have read. I found it interesting and did not want to put it down. I hope you write a follow up.

  4. Loved the book! One of the best I’ve read in a long time. Can’t wait to see what Russell Baker gets in to next

  5. I stayed up all last night and finished the book. I could not wait to finish it. Loved it. Do you have Nancy’ or Miriam’s phone number? I would like to give one of them a call!

  6. Subsurface was another great story! I really enjoyed it. I didn’t really have a feel for where it might go from there, so I have no suggestions for you for a third book. I’d like to see the story continue though. I have to say that the new female is my favorite so far, and I totally agree, she could generate her own story!

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Murder On The Madison