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Jerome Chapman grew up in Middle Georgia and has lived in Georgia all of his life. From a rural background he moved on to work for such companies as IBM and Litton Industries. For many years he was in sales and later served as Sr. Vice President and Sales Manager for a distribution company that served a wide area in the Southeast and was based in Atlanta. He has always liked to tell a good story. The Drift Boat Detective, Murder on the Madison, is his second book and his first mystery novel.

Having become interested in fly fishing over 30 years ago, he has traveled to most of the Western US trout fishing, including Montana. Hunting and fishing were a part of his life growing up. He has been known to catch some bass, snook, redfish, salmon, grouper, halibut and bonefish, as well, and an occasional shark!

Now retired, Jerome still lives in the Atlanta area in Cobb County with his wife, Joy, where he gets in the river with a fly rod, fishes from an inshore boat in the Gulf of Mexico or a bass boat in Lake Guntersville as often as possible. He also spends some time working on his old stories, opinions and political comments on his blog.

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